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Oct. 6th, 2008

  • 6:26 PM

Okay so basically, I have to fill in on what's been happening these past couple of weeks since school's started. First, I am now currently living in my Aunt and Uncle's house. They basically adopted me and my sister. My mom is living at my grandpa's house, along with my cats, Panda, Tinky, and the kittens Brutus, Sugar, and Rain. Right now its really tense between my mom and my aunt because my mom thinks my aunt is trying to take us away from her, and shit is happening that I don't even really know what the fuck is going on. I keep hearing that my Aunt and Uncle are trying to have temporary custody over both me and sis, and this is what I think pisses my mom off the most. Second, I'm now currently dating Tim, a really smexy guy who is totally not like the boys who I have dated in the past. He's so...god, he's amazing. I really can't describe what I feel for him. It isn't like with Joel or Mike or for that matter David, he's completely different then those boys (Now that I think about it, I've only dated boys and not a man). He's mature and sweet, a little (okay a LOT) perverted, strong, tall, and he's absolutely CUTE! OMFG if it weren't for the fact that I wasn't of legal age, I would totally and completely fuck him, given the chance. He's 18, too, and he works at the school. That's convenient for me because, I have classes cut in half, (he does too) so I while he's at work, I do my homework (Haha, that's funny, me doing homework at school) or I'm at the library on the computer checking my email and reading fanfictions. After he gets off work, we hang out at a spot and stuff...heh, anyway, so far its sort of good. I got to go to homecoming with him, although I couldn't do that without having drama both between my family and my friends. But I had a blast! I danced like I never danced before and 'broke' up with my 'boyfriend'. It was smooth and clean without any misunderstandings and a little tears, but otherwise, it was all good. ^^ After that, I missed homecoming, but right now I have to focus on my Algebra grade, because if I don't have a B or A, then I can't do anything with Tim or anything like that. Right now I have a D, but that's only because of the tests. I fail at those, but I do the assignments and turn them in and stuff. I don't get the answers right, but I get points for doing the work, so that's what keeps me afloat on Algebra. I go to my teachers classroom for help before school starts to get some extra help and I have Tim to help me with whatever I'm stuck on.

That's all I can think of at the moment, so I'm going to go.


Aug. 28th, 2008

  • 9:34 AM

 School started a while ago- about 3 weeks, and its been crappy from the very beggining. First, I try to appologize to Joel, but he's mad and I don't get the chance. I found out he has a girlfriend. I'm jealous, but I'm happy that he's happy. A friend of mine, Tim, asked me out Tuesday and today I'm breaking up with David. Yay school!


  • Apr. 15th, 2008 at 3:52 PM

Hello! Jesus, I haven't posted in about a month or so, I think. For those who look at my entries, I'm doing pretty good. Comacon was amazing, or for a lack of a better word, FUCKING amazing!! I'm definately going again. After that, school was boring and uneventful, except for the occational drama and a few ruffled feathers, but other than that, nothing of importants. My and Joel got into a silly fight, but its over with. Sara's going through some shit (I don't know what though, because I haven't talked to her in about 3-4 months)and I'm worried. Hopefully she'll be okay. I'm suppose to be doing an essay-er-two essays actually, but the internet is very destracting. What with all the school work and prom-did I mention that? I'm going to go to prom! $45 is a good deal man! I just need money and a dress and I'm good to go!- I have been very, very, very busy. Not to mention all of the fanfictions I've been reading are just too temting to ignore. Once I start reading, I can't stop(sometimes literally). I really should stop posting and get back to work- but essays are so boring that they bring me to tears...but one of them is due tomorrow, so I better stop, until later.
Ja' ne!

Yours truely!

How depressing...

  • Jan. 20th, 2008 at 4:19 PM

(Really long time since I posted on here-but then again I have no internet so that doesn't actually help the situation.) I'm here at my friend Sara's house, RPing and hanging out and stuff. Nothing really too do- I'm watching my friend Stacy play a game on the Game Cube. Its really cool, the male characters are smexy. ^^ Anyway, Sara's boyfriends is here. His name is Marek. I have no boyfriend right now next to me because he and I have decided to take a break. Surprise, surprise... you know when I think of the phrase 'take a break', I think of couples separating and going there own way and then go and fool around with other, then they get back together and they find out that they've been cheating on eachother and then, in the end, they break up. That's not what's gonna happen between me and Joel. I suppose-for those who actually read my posts- your wondering, 'why is she taking a break?'. Well, that's because I have had to deal with his moodiness and his selfishness, and well, frankly, I'm tired of his bitching and I'm tired of having to be the one to make him feel better for something other people did or I did that offened him. It's draining me emotionally and it literally is causing some physical strain on my body, too. I need a break from all the bullshit that is dished out by him. I hope to stay with him and maybe even be his wife-but if he doesn't change his attitude or something, I don't think I can stay with him any longer. I won't put up with his crap anylonger if he continues to be like this. I don't know...
On tuesday, I'll see him at school and let him know if I want to continue being on break or not. I guess it depends on whether I can deal with him or not.
Whatever...anyway, I'm done ranting/bitching/complaining. On a bright and lovely note, I'm GOING TO COMICON!!!! WOOT!!! ^_^ *Screaming squeels* My bestestest friend in wholest widest worldest got me a Comicon pass for free and gave it too me!!! She won it and gave me the all access pass. She is amazing!!! I LUFFLES HER!!! *Glomp* I get to go to me first convention and it's going to be awesome!! Its starts at starts next friday through sunday. So I'm going to be there in a few days.

Anyway, I'm done saying what I wanted to say. The love birds are being lovey and stuff. *Marek and Sara= Lovey love birds* (AWwww so cute!! ^-^)

See ya'!

OMFG!!! Long time no see...!!!

  • Oct. 17th, 2007 at 2:51 PM

Holly crap its been like, months since I've written! Just so you guys know, the reason I haven't been updating is because a) I have a life and b) I have school. Now that I'm in my junior year its going to be hard to get everything together for graduation. Just to let you guys know: I went to FL to see my Nana and my Uncle Tracy and it was a blast! My younger half-sister Kindra came a week before we had to go home. Also, we moved out of our apartment and moved twice and now its all going to hell and I have to get off so I'll write later, bye!

Essays, essays, and more essays...

  • Apr. 16th, 2007 at 1:26 PM

I had to do a essay in all of my classes and it sucks ass. I'm doing one right now for my art class. The paper is an art critique of a painting I'm doing. It sucks. I hate doing essays.

I'm 16!! YAY!!!!!!!!!

  • Mar. 20th, 2007 at 9:21 PM

Geez its been a while since I have posted. I turned 16 for those who don't know, on march 6. That was a long time ago but it was sortof ok. My sister kindof ruined it for me, but I had fun on my b-day party. Two of my friends showed up and we went swimming and stuff. That was fun. Someone stole my bike and I got a new one, I had to pay for it with my b-day money I got from my nana, that kindof sucked, 'cause I wanted to use to buy stuff.
I've been on myspace alot lately only because it seemed more interesting and I have had more opportunities to get on myspace. I haven't been going to the library lately because I've been spending so much time with joel and shika and stuff. I've been stuggling to get my grades up and as a result, I can only spend alittle amount of time with my friends. Its kind of a drag, but I guess this punishment is suppose to help me in some way. I haven't gone on a date yet with joel because I'm trying to take things slow from now on. It really isn't working for me, because its mostly my fault-actually its ALL my fault- and my damn hormones getting in the way and all. Joel at least has more restraint and self-composure than I do. I admire that about him, because when there's a chance to take advantage of me or I'm just horny, he'll resist and tell me to stop. I just have to learn to control myself more and maybe our relationship will last till we at least get married-then we can bed together. *sigh* I antisipate that moment more than I should, and that makes me a bad person, I know, but I can't help it, ok?! I just have to try harder and show some backbone and not give in to temptation. Thank god I have joel and shika to keep me from fall into hell's pit so easily. *Hugs them both to death*

Feb. 21st, 2007

  • 2:48 PM

I have been pretty busy. I saw ghost rider with shika and joel and jared. It was fun and I spent the night at her house also. I told my mom about going back out with joel. She said we'd talk about it later and also to take it slow.

Huh, as if I'd take that advise. I am now into Naruto and the Sasunaru pairing and Rukashi pairings and many more...heheh. This fanfic is called 'Craving', a Sasunaru fic, and so far, its getting good.


I like it, so I hope you people like it to.

Shika's gone to Tueson. At the same time she and I are on our period, so it gives us an excuse to be mean and bitchy to mike. The President (I mean the President of the anime club, Morgan)is here helping out with the MRHS anime club website. It's going to be awesome, so I'll be to observe.

Ja' ne!

I know. You all probably are thinking I'm, like, making to much trouble and all that shit. Well FUCK YOU people because being with mike had its benefits (for those who are thinking 'heheheh, she slept with him, no I did not sleep with him *shutters and twitches* I'm saving my virginity for the one I love and whom I am going to marry) like finding out that I was only happy with joel and that he can give me what mike can't, and that is my FUCKING SPACE. Also, its love. But I still hope to (sorta) be friends with mike. But that may change because he threatened my 2 best friends (the bastard....*glares dagers at picture and lights it on fire, then goes to his house and burns it(not before getting all his money and making him write a will saying that I get all of his manga and money and everything) to the ground with mike in it*)If he ever fucking touches them I will kick his ass then kill him with my bare hands. *sigh* Ok... now that I'm (sort of) done ranting, I just wanna sy that my day has been tiering and annoying. But other than that its ok, because joel makes it better. *giggles and swoons, then blushes bright red*

I hope you all have a wonderful MLKJ day! JA'!



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